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"thunderclap: n A clap of thunder accompanied by a flash of lightning; a burst of public applause; a sound to accompany a stroke of creative brilliance; an award to recognise innovative directing in independent British films."


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Supporting British independent films

Thunderclap brings you all the best news and gossip from the exciting world of British Independent Film.

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A slow year for independents.

As you know, Thunderclap applauds the British Indie Film scene and brings you news on what films are being made and released outside of, or under the radar of the established movie industry.
The sad reality is it's not been a good time for Indie films lately for a good many reasons, most of them due to the global economic downturn. However, our main story this month inspirationally showcases a film which, although made on the proverbial shoestring, is punching way above its expected weight and which we firmly believe other indie film makers can learn from.

Here's our quick round-up of the Indie film news that has caught our attention this month:

Tickets go on sale now.

Tickets go on sale this week for the Cambridge Film Festival, one of the more successful British festivals and now in it's 30th year.
The Festival showcases some interesting films from around the world, although sadly very few British films have made the grade this year. However, you can catch UK films 'Masks of Mer' and 'Empire State' at the festival which runs from 16th-26th of September.

More details at

'The Vampires of Bloody Island' gets cult status worldwide.

With everyone’s money so tight, the Indie scene has been alarmingly quiet for the last year or so. Fewer films are being made with barely a trickle getting as far as a release. So it's especially inspiring to know that there is at the moment a micro-budget British feature film getting bucket loads of press around the world, which really deserves a special mention.

The wry comedy feature film 'The Vampires of Bloody Island' is casting a refreshingly welcome breeze on the British indie scene. Delivering a highly entertaining and imaginative romp populated with fascinatingly bizarre characters, the film also boasts a well executed script and a very impressive soundtrack.
First time director Allin Kempthorne and his wife, actress Pamela Kempthorne, wrote and produced ‘The Vampires of Bloody Island’ with such a resounding success that the film, released on DVD in the UK several months ago, is now on sale around the world, being applauded in respected newspapers and magazines across the UK, Australia and Europe as a cult hit.

Continuing it’s global march the film was released in the USA and Canada last week. In fact the Kempthorne's film has created a major buzz amongst cult film enthusiasts, so much so that Hollywood names are now expressing their interest in working with them on their next project, Star Trek's Manu Intiriyami amongst them.
Not a bad impact for a film shot on video, with no well known actors, funded by loans and the filmmakers own credit cards and edited primarily on a Mac in the Kempthorne’s own living room.

So how did this previously unknown pair of film makers do it? And what lessons can other Indie film makers learn from their success?

As a comedy ‘The Vampires of Bloody Island’ deftly avoids the common trap that many micro-budget Brit-flicks fall into, that of taking itself too seriously. There are no heavy messages or weighty concepts here, this is a film that sets out purely to entertain.

Also the film is highly imaginative. The Kempthornes have created a complete fantasy world, a remarkable achievement for its micro-budget, with detailed sets, locations, costumes and prosthetic make-up far more in line with the spirit of a Harry Potter film than your usual self funded Indie.

It's abundantly clear, and the great many reviews and features this film has been attracting in the press clearly agree, that the Kempthornes have a deep love and affinity with their subject, the campy nostalgia of the British Hammer vampire films of the 70’s and the more recent vampiric film and television outings. This understanding of their subject has ensured the detail applied to every aspect of the script, casting, art design and music squarely hits the mark for the films target audience.

Oscar shortlisted director Chris Jones and Star Trek Voyager's Manu Intiraymi have both proclaimed themselves fans of the film.

Director Allin Kempthorne was a memorable guest on the web TV series 'The Production Show' hosted by author of the Guerilla Film Maker series of books Chris Jones. Oscar shortlisted director Jones called 'The Vampires of Bloody Island' "A Gothic homage to the 1960s and 1970s Hammer Horrors. A real crowd pleaser" and "A very entertaining piece of English cinema."

Other micro-budget Indie film makers will learn a lot from studying this film. You don’t need a large budget to get sweeping coastal helicopter shots, creepy cliff-top castles, boats sailing through foggy coastlines and large exploding crowds of vampires in period costumes. What you do need, and what the Kempthornes seem to have in spades, is passion, imagination, a knowledge of who your audience are and the commitment to fill the screen at all times with the characterful, colourful detail that fleshes out a low budget film into a full scale fantasy movie.

The DVD also includes a 'Making Of' feature, in which the Kempthornes and their crew talk of how they created their fantasy world, went about the casting, location finding and other aspects of film making, and in which their own engaging and personal passion for making this film is highly evident.

'The Vampires of Bloody Island' was released on the Kempthornes own DVD label The Weird World of Wibbell earlier this year and has been slowly building momentum as newspapers, magazines and film news websites have sat up and taken notice of the film. As it's success has grown, the Kempthornes have rolled out their release to other countries around the world, finding success in countries as differing as Brazil and Australia. By popular demand 'The Vampires of Bloody Island' was released in the USA and Canada last week.

If you're at all interested in making an Independent film, or like to watch a captivating film which slaps Hollywood in the face and shows the fresh breath of British comedy, seek out 'The Vampires of Bloody Island' and see for yourself why this little English vampire comedy is causing such a noteable worldwide stir.

Find out more at the films official website at

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What film makers are saying about Thunderclap:

"The Thunderclap award is a TRULY independent award for independent film makers by independent film makers."
Chris Jones. Author of The Guerilla Film Makers Handbook and winner of the 2008 British Thunderclap Award

"It’s fantastic that there is a Independent, non-government body that has the main purpose of Supporting British Film.
I am excited to get my projects off the ground and hopefully catch the eyes of “Thunderclap”, with innovative, timeless stories."

John Henry Roberts. Producer/Executive Dreambig Entertainment Ltd.

"Making a British film without the financial support of Hollywood is a shockingly hard task to do. Getting the attention of the media with such a film seems often even harder. We at the Weird World of Wibbell are delighted that Thunderclap is out there, delivering a wide audience hungry for British independent film news."
Pamela Kempthorne. Writer/Producer "The Vampires of Bloody Island"

"Thunderclap is a very useful and optimistic website! It's great that your organisation helps indies like us out!"
Jane Foster. Director/Producer 23 films

"I've been following Thunderclap since the Director of our film 'Gone Fishing' won the award. My motto to any filmmaker is broaden your mind, try out all aspects of filmmaking and you gain this better understanding of how everything fits together and those doors really start opening. Don't be afraid to ask people for help and advice, usually they are more than happy to pass on their wisdom."
Kerry Finlayson. Producer Fact Not Fiction Films